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Komondors make good watch dogs and are protective of their family. It is a large breed, needing training & socializing while young, for they can be stubborn.

The komondor is said to originate in Hungary, Europe, where they are still used to herd sheep. The dogs' appearance makes it easy to hide alongside the sheep, from where it can surprise & attack predators.

They have long floppy ears somewhere amongst the cords of hair.

The tail hangs down to the hocks, with a slight curve.

Coat: The komondor has a coat like a puli, hanging in soft, wooly dreadlocks. It is not washed, as it takes up to 12 hours to dry. It's best to avoid swimming, or muddy ground. Showdogs are not clipped, but pet-owners sometimes find it easier to manage the coat if it is clipped. Daily brushing helps. The thick coat is not suitable for a hot climate.

The feet are big.

Colour: white coat & brown eyes.

Class: working



This komondor had his photo taken at a boarding kennel in New Zealand.  

Kommondor, a White dog, long hair hanging in dreadlocks.

The name is hard to spell! At first I thought it was commodore - but that's a naval officer! Then I spelled it kommondor, commondor, but finally got it right - komondor!

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